Staff & Vestry


Fr. Jeffrey Hurst, Priest-In-Charge

Sherry Minzey, Administrative Assistant

Patti McGill, Music Director

Vestry & Officers

Jason Brooks, Senior Warden

Carl Turlin, Junior Warden, Properties Chair

Linda Gerding, Secretary, Clerk of the Vestry

Brenda Laney, Treasurer

Chrisina Brooks, Finance Chair

Tish Arroyo, Stewardship Cair

Beth Cook, Evangelism

Other Leaders

Worship Commission Chair - James Laney

Hospitality Committee - Christina Brooks, Zella Forsythe

Altar Guild- Barbara Wegener

Pastoral Care- Pat Whitmore

Telecare-Linda Gerding

Community of Chaplains- Linda Gerding, Carl Turlin, Marci Brown Turlin

Ushers- Rick Roberts

Service & Community Outreach-Linda Gerding

Sunday School- Judy Taylor, Zella Forsythe

Flying Solo Group - Beth Cook

Happy Crafters-Beth Cook

Daughters of the King-Linda Batson

Women of St. Matthew's - Vacant

Men of St. Matthew’s-Rick Roberts

Clerk of the Works - Jason Brooks

Convention Delegate - Carl Turlin, Zella Forsythe

Service Schedule

Sunday 10 AM


9349 E 65th Street
Raytown, MO 64133

Phone: (816) 353-4592